on Oct 25, 2012
Some time ago, they used to sell books on Flipkart.com, Then there came the mobile phones, then the computer parts, then came the watches, Now? Diapers...!!

I am not against them selling so many items on their shop. but recently the Flipkart.com has become slow. It has become really slow.

My Earlier experiences:
Book Something in the Evening at 6PM, Get up next morning get ready ride to office, In Between you get a Call. Yes the Flipkart Guy "Sir, I am near your Office can you please come and collect the Item". The Prices were cheap.

My Recent Experience:
I book something on Wed Morning, Expect it to be there by Friday/Saturday at least. Nope, No Flipkart guy next morning. Not even on Friday/Saturday. Yeah he Comes on Monday. Also there is very little price difference between market and Online.

I know the delivery durations are there and Flipkart delivers within those, But the fact remains Flipkart has become slow. Earlier 2-3 days used to mean the next day morning. Now it means 2-3 days. Earlier 4-6 days used to mean 2-3 days now it means 5 days...!!

Sorry Flipkart you spoil us by giving awesome service, Now even though you are not bad I am irritated by slowness and the advertisements you show make me more frustrated.