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The Tale of DD Charges

I am one of the people who wish for #DigitalIndia as promised by our Prime Minister.

So me, The guy who rarely enters into the bank entered a bank for the need of DD's for some Government work which promotes #DigitalIndia.

Filled forms and I reached the counter of HDFC Bank the cashier explained me the charges.

Cashier: 5 Rs for 1000 Rs + Tax
Me: What?? 5 Rs per 1000? Are you sure?
Cashier: YES....!!
Me: Then I need to check and walkout. (Well ICICI bank charges 3 Rs per 1000, That I know because I transacted with them recently i.e 66% lower than HDFC)

In other words:
That is 500 Rs per Lakh.
In other words it is 0.5% transaction fee.

So I had to speak with the manager who firmly assured me that the problem is I am not rich enough so I won't get free DD's for those amounts. But suggested to speak with the lady to check my account and tell me charges specific to my account.

So the lady told me, I can take 1 DD below 1 Lac Free of Cost per day.
Awesome, Thank you so Much....! Time …