Back... And How....?

Something for every newbie....

Everyone asks me this question "How Do you Keep Your Computer always up and running without any Hitches...??"

It's So easy.....

1. Make a Clean Install of Windows. Use NTFS while formatting (Clean In the sense a complete format of your hard-drive is recommended - Partition your hard drive with 15-30GB for Windows,10-80GB for Your Music and Movies and Photos, then a 5-25GB for all that Important Data Backup)
2. Install all the MB Drivers.
3. Install the Antivirus Software.
4. Update the Antivirus Definitions.
5. Update the Windows to SP2 if the Installer CD is Not SP2 Integrated.
6. Now Install the Basic Softwares You need, Such as A Media Player, a MP3 Player, A office package, Internet Browsers, Mail Clients etc etc...
You can Find all that Essential stuff Here.

So now your System is Clean and Good, and You are ready to go...

To Listen to some Music, use Winamp, But just take a little care while installing Winamp. Disable that Winamp agent and also set no internet connection for that internet settings. these steps stop you from some annoying startup times.

Flash drive= Virus Drive :)
TAKE CARE...!!! As this is the easiest way for a virus to enter your system, Select the drive and run a scan, make sure no viruses are there, then open the drive.

Anti virus: AVG free Edition is good and i use it, Never faced any issue with that.
Have seen people changing their anti virus now and then, wasting time and effort, Just stick to one, Keep it updated and you will for sure be safe...

More as it come to my mind... Happy Computing....


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