Torrents via HTTP :)

After many days felt like putting some geek stuff at Orkut, Then just thought my blog also needs something like this, so posting it here also... (Copy Paste with a little edit)

Sometimes you have bandwidth and you have time for your torrent downloads, But what if you have bandwidth and No time/ (or may be No Power) Like me what you gonna do...???

Here is a Rescue.

Hope you know a popular photo hosting site...

It offers a space of 5GB and 10Gb bandwidth per month for torrents, (You didn't knew that.... ??

So all you have to do is Register at then download the .torrent file of the torrent you want to download and attach it at Imageshack, the Start it, The Torrent will be downloaded to the Imageshack server, After completion you can download your downloaded torrent file via a HTTP link.

10GB bandwidth may be small, But it helps a lot when it comes to torrents which has low seeders, as Imageshack will download it whole day where as you can keep your download just active when Your PC is on...

The http download speeds may vary... :P, But hopefully they may be better than what you got directly downloading.

Please Note, You may not get the priority always to start a torrent as they also offer a premium service.
Your torrent may also pause in between, so all you have to do is check the Imageshack twice a day and confirm that your torrent is downloading, If not just stop and Start again.

Hope it helped...


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