Firefox 3 vs Opera 9.52

Browser Wars are here with me also, Firefox 3.0.1 vs Opera 9.52 are the two sides fighting.
Let me tell something about each side.

Firefox 3.0.1: My favorite browser till yesterday. Liked the Simple looks of the browser, No non sense style and most of the web pages compatible with the browser. Also the plug-in's available for the Browser make your life a Lot easier.

Opera 9.52: Downloaded it yesterday and it has created a very strong first impression on me, This Opera browser has a lot of difference from the previous Opera 8 Browser i used, There was a lot of non sense in the Opera 8, But this Opera 9.52 is just like ready to attack the web.I Like the new Interface, it's stylish and simple. And most of them all the most liked featur0e in Opera 9.52 is The Download manager, It's just awesome i can say.(Ya the Imageshack Post)

So the Browser wars have happened with me previously also, But the winner was Firefox, Let me see Which one wins this time, Will i switch to Opera or Still be with Firefox...?? Have to wait and see, Still using Firefox to Post this as i have not completely transferred to the Opera.

May The Best Browser Win


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