Kudremuka Kalasa...

Ya last Saturday went unexpectedly to Kudremuk and Kalasa.
Trip was unexpected,Started with a word from Milton and we started 2 Bikes 4 People... Georgi and Kevin Joined..
After a short breakfast at Kiran's Vadapav stall we started to Kudremuk.
The road is just awesome, After riding 20 Km we realized that We forgot to get Camera. bad... Even Georgi forgot his SE W700i Mobile, that is Worse, just two VGA cams of Milton and Kevin and lot of memory in my 9300.
Riding in the forest was cool and fun., Enjoyed the day, Stopped at Basrikatte checkpost for the tea, then started to Kalasa, spent 15 min in kalasa and we started back.
The awesome part was 18Km in neutral gear at speeds of 60-70 Kmph and taking those turns of Ghat, and the best part was we overtook one car in neautral gear.
Photos i will pull in soon to this post, Have to see how they have come.
Overall 188Km of Biking in one day... was really fun....


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