Crunching for World Community Grid

So you have only downloads going on during night. Your computer sits idle just downloading those files. Why not use your processing power for some good purpose...?? Like Processing some data for finding a cure for AIDS or may be finding some drugs for Dengue or may be Nutritious Rice for the World. Yes you can.
I crunch for World Community Grid.
What you need to do to utilize your processing power...??
1. Register at
2. There are Clear instructions how install and set your preferences.
Entire day the downloads range from 5-10MB which i have scheduled to happen in night when the Bandwidth is free. I have joined a Team Techenclave.
You can view my results below in the blog. Just passed the 100000 Mark.
So what are you waiting for...??? Start crunching... :D
You can ask me For more details by adding a comment below...


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