Gtalk Names = Adressbook names

Everyone Loves Google...Google <= GOD for many people and for Internet There is no substitute for Google.
So you use Orkut, you find Friends, Thanks to Google the E-Mail address automatically gets added to your Gmail account, and also to your Gtalk . But there is a little problem there, Whenever it gets added you get the Name of that person as the name in Orkut when you added that friend of yours to the list and rarely gets updated. So You get that funny name in your address book and also in chat. How you change that...??
Here is a Way which i found.
1. Install the Google talk
2. Login
3. Just Right Click on the contact you wanna rename and choose rename.
4. Change the Name and Enter.
Yes it gets updated in your GMail address book too..
That was something cool...
Enjoy Gtalk...


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