My Compass Box Mobile

Ya, All call it a compass box... It's my mobile phone Nokia 9300... After 2 years of Hard usage and Torture it's like getting old.. Today morning the first hints of it's life span getting over came up.. The external Display is down.. I have to repair it ASAP to get it up and running... Over a period of time i have fallen in love with the device... It may be bulky it may be heavy it may be slow, but the battery life and user friendliness is just awesome.. So much storage for the messages and contacts, the Calender, and Occasional usage of those Office features, And Best of them all the Browser.. Need to get it up and running fast. The Internal display is working fine and as well as all the phone features except the external display, It's just annoying to open the screen and see who is calling, Who is messaging etc etc..
Just hoping it gets fine, So if i change mobile next time i will surely go for NOKIA Communicator series itself i am Totally in love with the device...
Just hoping there is no major problem with my present device, Hoping it gets fine tomorrow.


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