No Electrcity....!!!

From past few days the Electricity is almost non existing at my place. 1 Hour supply 2 hours power cut.....!!! 3 Thermal Power plants in Raichoor down, 2 Power plants in Varahi down on the same day. Result, 1700MW shortage, and bad part is Karnataka already has power shortage, so that's double shortage. Which is just the worst thing which can happen to Karnataka.

Only good thing is that it's November and the weather is atleast cool... :) Can have a sleep in night.. But No internet Hurts... :P

Being an Electrical Engineer I know how difficult it is to maintain grid stable and keep it running, if you get a power generation shortage then you have to cut the supply somewhere to keep it stable. Whole South India will be in dark if the grid crashes due to excessive demand as one by one generators will get overloaded and will get disconnected for protection creating a complete shutdown of the Grid. And if Grid crashes then don't ask.....

So Hoping this condition does not exist for a long time. Today it just seems the conditon is becoming Better and i have power now.

BTW One crazy thing i read in newspapers that they will be Imposing 12 Hour power cut in some areas....!!! They are providing power for some 18-22 hours now, Remove 12 hours from that and you remain with 10 Hours Max...!!!WTF lol.


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