One more Torrent Trick.... :)

I Know how it is to be out of peers when you want to download a file. I got a simple solution when i got into same problem.
Say You got a Torrent 'X' and is Tracked by tracker 'Y' with it's Hash info 'H'.
*Hash info- You can see it in utorrent named as Hash
So torrent 'X" is out of peers on tracker 'Y', But there is a chance that there may be peers available on other trackers which are not listed in the .torrent file you downloaded.
Here is simple solution i found.
Copy the Hash something like "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (You can copy hash from right click and copy on utorrent on the Hash).
Now got to
Paste your Hash and search. You will get a list of trackers for the hash you searched. Now you get a option to "Copy utorrent Compatible list" just below the tracker list. Click the link select and Copy the Trackers. Come to your Torrent, Go to torrent properties and paste the tracker list in the Trackers tab.
Yes Done... :)
Now your torrent has additional trackers say A,B,C now whatever peers you have on those trackers you will get.
Happy Sharing..... :)
*If anyone needs Snapshots please Comment i will do that.. :)


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