Power is back... But what about Udupi city Roads...??

The Power is back.... :) It's a 3 Hour cut daily now.... Thank god not more... :) I still remember what our CM said "We will Give 24 hours of power supply" Possibly he is giving 24 hour power in his dreams.
The Highway might be good near Udupi, But if you enter inside the Udupi City you will see that there exist no ROAD. Entire road is like continuous stretches of speed breaker. Was going back to office after collecting my bike from TVS service station in the evening. Thought of taking Highway via the Taluk Office road, then remembered it's Dug near Taluk office, Thought of joining highway via Karavali but the road Concrete work is going on. Now only two options left,
1. Take the inner roads and join highway near Ambalpady/Karavali.
2. Take the Kalsanka Road and join near Ambagilu.
Thought later is better that the former as I know that road. Just to realize that the entire Road is a Speed breaker. The patch work on the road is so pathetic that it has converted the ride to a bumpy ride where you have to hold clutch and change gears continuously. Did I mention that the road is also very narrow? Horrible ride.
Can’t these roads be repaired…. All money which comes for road repair goes to buy Gold for our political leader’s wife I feel…. Buggers… :@
If you wanna experience bad roads you have to travel from
1. Surathkal to Mangalore
2. Sathekatte to Kundapura
Send these politicians in bikes to those areas.... :@ The roads will get fine in days... :)


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