"What the Hell They were Thinking"

I started watching Top gear from the day i started getting BBC world at home, Now I download the series regularly on my PC. The season of Top Gear was over i started to download and watch the First season of Top Gear Australia hosted by Warren Brown,Charlie Cox, Steve Pizzati.
Soon after 2 episodes itself i realized that no one can match the Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May. They host the show in such a way that even the most boring car's reviews are interesting. In Top Gear Australia even the best car test drives were like damn yuck. I was like let me watch the show just because i have downloaded. Now i am just angry on myself for just downloading that series. On Top Gear Australia you can see only burning tyres, nothing more. Only dialogue i ever heard on the Lets heat the Tyre.... Utter crap. You have a wonderful machine under your hood and you waste time in telling Lets heat the tyres. Even the Test Track was didn't look good. So what i can say is TOP GEAR Australia totally Sucks.

"What the Hell They were Thinking" when they made TOP GEAR Australia.

I am thanking God now because Top Gear is back... Waiting for the download to get completed now and watch the new series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May.


lemuel said…
hi, i also watch top gear and i really appreciate the way they test drive cars, even the cheap ones. can you blog about cars found at your place that are both easy on the budget but are good in performance? can you also visit my site as well? i also included your blog as a fave in technorati. thanks!

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