Computer Format Day

After all that software installations and un-installations my comp was giving a lot of trouble. The sound driver will be corrupt every time you launch the browser ans watch video no matter how many times you uninstall and install the driver. Boot up times of more than 2 min. Overall my system was a Mess.....
The biggest problem i faced was HDD space, There were 6 partitions initially on my 160 GB HDD Now there are just 3. Now One partition is a 94GB huge partition for All the downloads.
My old and faithful 40GB HDD has one 25 GB partition now and on remaining 12.xxGB i have installed Linux.
*According to manufactureres 1KB=1000B So your 40GB will come down to 37.xx.
Making all the data backup was a big pain.
After backing up all the data installed Windows XP SP3. After completing the installation, I pop-in the Driver CD which came with my Motherboard which is somehow corrupted and rejected to work. Get the drivers from Internet.... But how...?? LAN is not installed. WTF..
Tried everything Failed.. Only option now is boot from Linux download drivers and Boot back to Windows..
Linux..?? I just uninstalled Linux as to make some space as while having Data Backup... :(
Just No time to relax, pop in the openSUSE DVD and install. Shocking Thing is that the Installation screen for openSUSE is better than MAC OS X. Cool progress.... :)
Downloaded the drivers for Windows XP as LAN works Out of The Box in Linux. But there is a little problem You can't write to NTFS partitions from Linux. Had to burn drivers to DVD RW. Then Boot windows and Install. :)
Now the system is just fine. Everything is working as expected.
Will post soon about Usablity of openSUSE Linux. Till then Happy computing....


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