iPOD Trouble

A friend gave me a iPOD 30GB telling it was constantly restarting. When i got the iPOD the battery was very low. So i hoped that the iPOD will be fine after a charge. But when i connected it to PC for charge. The iPOD displays Very low battery please wait then goes to boot screen, then restarts due to lack of battery.
Problem is At very low battery screen it charges a bit then it thinks it can boot so it tries to boot, While booting it can't charge itself, so battery very low and it switches off. So this software bug in Apple iPOD looked just to kill the iPOD.
So what to do...?? Google is your friend... Searched, and found some solutions at Apple forums. The one worked for me is putting the iPOD to disc mode where it can charge... But the problem was the very low battery won't even let it to enter disc mode... So the solution, Connect the charger wait till iPOD tries to reboot, when you see apple logo press select and menu buttons together, iPOD restarts. Did this a few times so that battery can get some power inside it. So after almost 5-8 times repeating the above step i felt confident and disconnected the iPOD from cable, restarted it by Menu+Select then Immediately Menu+Play..... Yes it entered disc mode... Connected the cable and let it for a charge.
Backed up the data using this then a Restore using iTunes and YES the iPOD is back to life... :)
Success... :)


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