PC Not Coming Out of Sleep

Ya It all happened yesterday. Just put my PC to sleep so as i save some power as i had my dinner. After having my dinner i come back and press the power button The PC is not coming to life. The fans run for a few seconds then stops. No beeps nothing. :S tried a Few times Same result. Pulled the power off a Reboot and the same fan running for 3-5 sec and it turns off. Is it RAM causing the trouble...?? No idea.. So removed the RAM. Started PC but same Fan runs for a mere 3-5 sec and OFF. Then removed the CMOS Battery set the jumper to clear CTC RAM. Still the same problem. Next doubts on load handling of SMPS. So checked is it working by shorting Green and Black... The SMPS just works fine... Removed all the cables just Power to Motherboard and the same is happening. Thought SMPS is gone. got a friends SMPS and checked... Result is the same. It powers up Fans run for 3-5 sec. No beeps and it just turns off. Now just prayed to god that Let the processor die cos it hast 3 year warranty and Not the Motherboard. :)

Then Just removed the heat sink from processor removed the processor from socket and fed the board with power. Damn, It works. The SMPS is running. Now Installed the processor and Heat sink. Give power again... I hear No RAM Beeps... Installed the RAM and i hear some more beeps... :) Beeps means you can get somewhere... :) Now connect back the HDD, DVD Writer, Monitor back and Give it a Boot... :) YES IT IS WORKING FINE NOW... What happened to my machine i have No idea...

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 3600+ (1.9 GHz Brisbane)
MB: Asus M2N-MX
RAM: 2 GB Trancend 667 MHz
HDD: 160 GB SATA and 40 GB IDE
LG Dvd Writer and FDD :P
SMPS: iBall

Just a thought, I think my PC tool a Nice Nap for a day after almost 1.5 years of Hardwork... :) Now it's back and Will take time for next nap.. And that will be it's final NAP... :P


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