Dev C++ and AVG Antivirus

All of a sudden yesterday i felt like writing some C++ programs as to see what all i remember after 1.5 Years of Continuous software testing. Installed DEV C++ on My machine. To test for the working of the compiler wrote a Hello World Program first. When i compile and run the program, AVG puts Threat sheet, and detects the Hello World.exe i created as Threat. Damn irritating. Tired with trying i just have one option left add the programs folder to the AVG exception List Which i do and Finally my Hello world Program is working... :)
Now today's first work is to Uninstall AVG and Install Avira AntiVir Personal, Felling sad to switch to other Antivirus solution as i never had any problems with AVG till today, The free edition itself kept me free from all the viruses. So i have to change now. Then try some special coding. ;) Hope it works.


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