Judging people...

Just these are some thoughts which flowed out of my mind today..
Judging people... How you do it...?? How i Do it... Is there something which i need to follow while i evaluate a person out of the Blue..?
Every person maintains a Dairy in his mind, In which he writes whatever his feelings are, about his friend,his enemy, his loved one, The people he meet etc etc..
The mistake we do while writing, is we write in all the mistakes which people committed and forget to write about the good things people have done. So finally when the day comes to look into the diary and give a report about the person, we open the Diary and we see all the bad things... We never remember the good things which they did to us... So we end up Judging the person wrongly.. So making a habit of writing bad things as well as good things whenever they happen is very important.
It seems we find it easier to write the mistakes as we can find them easily and the good things we always miss.
So i am making a habit now.. Writing good things as well as bad things, so when i need to judge someone i don't make the mistake of judging wrongly and regret my lifetime for that mistake.

How about you....?? The comment section is open


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