Do we need a 81 year old PM......??

A 81 year old Person is Competing for PM Post in India and he is spending so much money in online advertising that you can find his banners everywhere on every website. Irritating me and making this blog post essential over here.... :O A few quick things which pass by my mind......
1) Yes at age 81 it's a well known truth that you can't remain young. Let the young educated people become PM so that India can emerge, Who actually can come up with better ideas, Who can actually travel entire India on CAR/BUS/TRAIN rather than AMBULANCE. Otherwise someone simply be spending the tax money paid by me for medical expenses rather than the development of India.
2) The amount of money which is going on online advertisement is So Huge, Spend it on some village so you will be getting votes from that village at least. (I actually banned the advertisements from my blog - i feel irritated by anything political)
3) Yes I like the No Compromise Stuff, No False Promises stuff but not at the cost of breaking down India with communism....! :(
(Why not give a promise about Politician retirement rule at age of 70)
4) I have heard a lot about No Corruption etc etc stuff....! It would be great if it is explained how it is achieved....??

For your comments the comments section is open.....


Morri said…
Yeah i agree with you. Yeah anyone can not go and simple change the rules and regulation. To be leader is very tough.. and to lead a country means its very high thinking stuff. only few can achieve that..
I say that corruption level has not at all come down.. statistics may say anything.. But the lower level corruption is same as before.. Some people support for their work done...:-(
Vibha Babbar said…
I agree Lozil. Advani as PM is a big NO! Not in the least!

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