Facebook Looks Better than Orkut....

Yes i have started Liking the Facebook a lot these days... I Visit Facebook more times than i visited Orkut when i was Orkut addicted.
The thing i liked in Facebook is it's feel and looks. It has got that No Non sense look.... Looks so clean, but offers much more... There are Fun games, Fun Quiz, Your Friends activity is just updated in your home screen, You can see what they are doing, Which photo they were or you were tagged etc, etc all this without clutter.
Yes Orkut just got better sometime back with integrated chat, some themes and applications, SMS updates, but it is so much messed up in there, it might take a lot of time for Orkut to become better than what it is today. So I Almost Visit Orkut once a week..... :) I guess Orkut offers them all but it is just too difficult to find out how to use it... :P
So you better catch me at Facebook.


Morrison said…
Apni apni soch ahi.. ;-P

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