Ripping DVD to 700MB

Today i was trying to rip one DVD.... The axxo DVD rips I download from torrent network has size of 700MB and really some good quality. So how to get the same was a question to me.
Some search on internet and some research i finally ended up with something, Which was a total bundle for creating DVD rip. Downloaded the torrent . Yes that Torrent has DVD rip tools as well as a demo video to show how to create the same.
Installed all components, Popped in the DVD I wanted to RIP, Set the settings according to the demo video. After some 2 hours my DVD rip of 700MB was ready...
Voila.... Nice quality... :) and size of 700MB.... Too Good.... :P


Rahul said…
the torrent link is invalid. Plz tell me how to rip in 700 mb with great quality. Pla mail me at
Lozil said…
Try this link...

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