Short Circuit of Banking Events

A Short Circuit of Banking events with me from past few days..... :)
Was able to attach my Corporation Bank Debit Card with Google Checkout..... :) Now have to check which E-Tail Shop Supports Google Checkout and burn some cash as soon as the Salary falls in. :)
Got activated with Corp Online banking on Saturday, It looks good.... :) And it's free..... :P
Today a strange thing happened, I just went to Axis Bank with my Axis Bank Card and tried to withdraw some money and the ATM machine started showing "Invalid Card,Sorry for the inconvenience." Last week also i faced same problem at the same ATM machine of Axis bank, But on that day changing language of Transaction from English to Kannada worked for me. But this time tried everything but all in vain. Dam Irritated, Went to the ATM of Canara Bank(I have Faced lots of issues with Canara bank ATM machines, But i hoped it was worth a try) Put in my Axis bank Card and It worked. I was able to Withdraw Money from it. Axis bank does not charge any transaction fee on Withdrawals from other banks ATM on Gold Debit Cards. and another good news is from April 1st there will be no transaction charges on withdrawing Money from ATM's according to RBI rule. So put and Pull money from any ATM using any Card. So It will be easy banking for Everyone.
Deposited a Cheque in Cheque drop Box first time ever, It was Easy and i hope it works, and if it works without hitch then it's a boon for me.

OK That was a Lot of Banking Events past and this Week.....


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