I want to..............

I want to say a few things, but i just can't say them.
I want to bash someone, But i can't just do it.
I want to make everything go fine, but it is just too hard for me.
I want to achieve something, but time always keeps running out.
I want to make everyone understand what true potential is, But no one is interested.
I want to live life Independently, but i am missing the key.
I want to go out and scream loudly, but in crowd no one cares me.
I want to see people happy, but somehow they find a reason to be unhappy.
I want to make a point in this world, but the pen is just not sharp enough.

Yes i want many things..... But life just seems to take me on it's own path. I feel i am lost. Need to find a path and move ahead......

I know this post does not make any sense to ya.... But it makes a lot of sense for me.....


Roon said…
no It kinda make since to me...!

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