Mission Linux...........

Yes, It was my dream to ditch Windows and get Linux on my Home machine, After many years the dream has come true. I have OpenSUSE running on my system Now..... :)

Once upon a time when i used to play games, that time the Windows was necessary for me. But some recent developments just made me to shift my home computer to Linux.
What made me to install Linux on Home system........??
My home computer is not used for any gaming now, Nor any serious work. It's used just to browse Internet,Some document editing and Watch some Media. So essentially these tasks should be handled by Linux in a breeze.

Last week my Home machine's Windows got Corrupted resulting in a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). One of Important file remained in the Windows Partition. So there was no other option than recovering that file before installing Windows. So i though of installing Linux in the empty Disc space. After Installation of Linux I got back my file, then suddenly I felt like why not Keep Linux on this system? I just looked into Linux deeply for the first time, And seriously i felt good. It looked easy to operate, there were enough options for the basic Home user tasks. Open Office for Office Suit, Firefox for Web browsing, KTorrent for Torrent downloading. The only thing Missing was Media Player with support with all Codec's. So i just tried on the web, Got VLC player. Installation was a bit geeky but easy with YAST(Thats the Installation manager for OpenSUSE). So i have a Linux system which does my basic tasks easily. Now i just need to Learn more about Linux so i can make better use of it.

OpenSUSE Now Running with KDE 3.5 in my system. Didn't install KDE 4.0 as it looked a bit too much of stuff for me.... :)

So the Mission Linux is ON..... Now have to get feedback from Users (Dad and Sister)..... The future of Linux on My machine depends on these users.


JimTux said…
Congrats on getting Linux up a going! Playing DVD's was a big struggle for me, but after some geekage I was able to get it going. I was testing the water to see how much effort it would take to get DVD's playing.

VLC never ended up working for me, which is odd because VLC is a very good program.

Well I could blab all day, have fun m8!

Domzen said…
Congratulations to your final decision to move from Windows to Linux. You also chose a nice distro. I hope that you're still satisfied with your current one. So, go ahead and find out more about the magic world of Linux. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Congrads on moving from windows to Linux. I switched to Linux about 3 years ago. I have no complaints at all. I've tried several distros. I am currently using and have been using on a regular basis PCLinuxOS. I believe in Linux and I build computers and convince my customers to move to Linux.
Fabrice said…
Welcome in the Linux world :-)

+ Media player :
I'm surprised by the fact that vlc is not included by default in OpenSuse repositories.
By the way, Maplyer or Xine ( with win32-codces packages ) have very good codecs support too.

+ KDE 4 :
Whereas I would not advised to use KDE 4.0 or KDE 4.1, I do think that KDE 4.2 is a pleasure to use.
Mandriva 2009 Spring do provide a very good KDE 4.2 desktop, and you also have a complete configuration center.
http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2009.1_Tourhttp://doc.mandriva.com/To install patented codecs, you just need to add the PLF repositories from Easyurpmi and install the following pakcages ; libdvdcss2, win32-codces gstreamer0.10-decoders
http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/There's also a program named codeina which aims to automate codecs installation. See the Mandriva 2009 Spring visual guide for an example.
Lozil said…
Wow, That is an awesome welcome from the Linux Community to me...... :) Thank you to all for such a warm welcome....
I am in just Beginning phase of knowing Linux better. Just 2 days after i installed Linux on my Home machine i feel better with Linux than i did with Windows for home use. Use of Home PC is for Browsing Internet, Watching Videos, and word processing.... :)
rajiv said…
I have been using Linux for about 5 years now ... Linux can pretty much do everything a pc or a mac can do ( thanks to the open source community for providing countless number of utilities ). I am also running a personal website on my linux box for about a year now.. running Fedora .

I would suggest you to try out Ubuntu as it has a much friendlier desktop and update manager especially if the users are new to linux like your dad and sis.
r00t said…

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