Vodafone Advertisement -- Zoozoos

I thought the Vodafone Advertisements displayed during the IPL were Animations....

But They are NOT.... !!!

I always liked the Advertisements from Hutch, May be its a Boy and Girl or may be the Cute Boy and Dog. Now the Vodafone is continuing the Trend with Zoozoos.

The Zoozoo advertisements do not have any of the Film Stars/Cricket Stars as brand ambassadors, but some simple characters, which deliver the message to the point and are successfully making an Impression in the viewers minds.

Just go through this story to know more about the Making of Zoozoo advertisements.

Why they look like animations is because of the 20 fps (Frames per second) shooting mode used in capturing them. The advertisement agency is really creative.... I was Just amazed and Stunned by knowing that they are not animations but are Humans stuffed with huge head mask, some amazingly fitting cloths and the backgrounds are just too nicely done which successfully hide everything leaving a nice effect to the entire advertisement.

* Just Found the Facebook Zoozoo Fan Page.


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