Mission Hackinthosh...........!!

After Working with MAC at Office i was just dying to try therir OS on my PC ;). I tried to install the cracked MAC OS on my PC earlier, But got failed. After some months and some more amount of searching, I know what all components to choose and from where i can get all the files for my system. So the Mission Hackinthosh was set last Saturday.

My Home PC configuration:
AMD Sempron 1250+
2 x 1GB transcend 667MHz DDR2 RAM
40 GB WD IDE + 160 GB Seagate SATA
LG 18X DVD Writer IDE.
Samsung CRT monitor
Logitech K/B, Samsung Optical Mouse Both PS/2

The Work, Disconnected the 160 GB SATA HDD as didn't wanted to take chance with my Data... :)
Then connected the IDE 40 GB HDD, searched and found the Old Kalway MAC OS X 10.5.2 DVD and booted the system. As i am familiar with MAC OS installation it was no difficult task for me to partition the drive and go ahead. The Difficult part was Choosing which packages and patches to install. During last try of my Hackinthosh some months back with same DVD i chose 2 AMD patches together, And did some mess with kernel selection, So this time i just chose to play it safe and chose only 1 AMD kernel patch then went ahead with the installation.
The installation got over, and the PC rebooted. I was keeping my fingers crossed while my PC showed the Apple logo with a Spinning wheel.

YES...!!! The Startup Music Played, then the User details screen came up, filled in the details and click next....... I was actually witnessing OS X on PC.... :)

YES YES YES......!!! those are the words out of my mouth at that time....

There was a Bug though, Network was not working on my machine. So Reboot, Connect 160 GB HDD, boot into Linux and do a little searching. Finally found solution at insanelymac forum and network too started working on OS X.
So mission Hackinthosh Accomplished at home.... :) Will try a Updated disc later, may be 10.5.6 or 10.5.7 may be just good enough... :P

Now Will start Mission Hackinthosh is on My Personal System. Will update about the Success. Keep Watching...

The OS X Installation was just carried out for Kicks as i was getting bored and wanted to try something different ... :)


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