Operating Systems I have Used....

Just for a second I Imagined how many OS's i have seen and worked on....... And i started to count... the list was getting quite long... So thought why not blog about it.... :)

Lets Start:

1. MS DOS: That is the first OS which introduced me to computers...:)

2. Windows 98: Yes I have played a lot of NFS2 on this OS...

3. Windows 2000 and ME: They are different OS's, But almost same kind of OS's. Boring... :P

4. Windows XP: The Ultimate OS, which I still love to use, Started using it from year 2003. And I can say best OS MS produced till date.

5. Windows Vista: Yuck.... This OS made me to lose my hair quite a few times.

6. Windows 7: Just looking into it, But didn't go much deep...

7,8,9,10,11. PCQLinux/ Redhat /Xandros /Knoppix / Linspire: They all gave me a glance of Linux. I used to try 1 distro everyday whe i was in college... :)

12. MAC OS 9.0: I had to work on this due to some Project.

13,14,15. MAC OS 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 : All again for some project work, Not much used but some basic things i have seen.

16. MAC OS 10.3.9 (Panther): Yes this one was OS which many people used when I started working(2007).

17. MAC OS 10.4.11 (Tiger): Was the Current OS by Apple when I started working(2007).

18. MAC OS 10.5.7 (Leopard): Ya, This one got launched after I joined Work, As far as I remember 2 months after i joined work.

19. MAC OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Ya, It's yet to be released, But have a development seed installed in my system at office... :P

20. Ubuntu: Yes, Another Linux, I liked it and also didn't like it. It was a bit too simple for me.

21. Kubuntu: I tried it, It was Good, but it was something i didn't like.

22. OpenSUSE: IInstalled and Running nicely in my system. It's Simple, It's complicated. It is the thing i want, the thing i need, and the thing I Love... :)

Wow, that was a Huge list now... lolz... So how many you OS's you have seen and used....?? Comment box is Waiting.... :D


rajiv Gowda said…
Yeah .. thats a huge list ... I can say I have tried almost all linux distros in the list , I am new to mac , recently bought a macbook totally in love with leopard its neat (love to do all my programming on it , like the Xcode and of course iphoto and iwork are great softwares ) I have to agree that Xp is the most popular among MS OSes so far but I also disagree that ubuntu is too easy it can be what u want it to be :) . Fedora tries to please everyone .... I don't like the way open suse does things and its greenish looks. there are other small but fast linux distros that I have tried which are not in your list like Linux-mint , PCLinux ,Mandriva . oh and in my case the most difficult of all installation has to be the free-bsd ( had tough time getting the X interface to work with it )..
Well at the end all that matters is which OS is the one that is most suitable for the things you do and to me it has been fedora and ubuntu all these years and now I am trying my luck with leopard.
Good luck with your experiments :)

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