Complete madness.....!!

This is called Complete madness..... This is what happens when your brain goes out for a walk and you have a well maintained Bike.... :P
You start Bike in the morning at 8.30 and go to Shivamogga from Belman on your Bike. Reach Shivamogga at around 12.15, Riding that 170 Km Stretch... :) Then after finishing your work there you head back home, starting at 3.50 from Shivamogga you reach Belman by 7.15. With your ass paining like hell because of a Long stretch of sitting in the same position riding.That is what I did this Sunday (16-Aug-09), A day to remember... 340 Kms in a day.. For fun, For Experimentation... :)
Route Taken:
Next Try:
Belman-Bangalore one way (Date Not Fixed Yet).

More (Pic, Videos etc) on Pillion Riders Blog... :)


Melwyn Pernal said…
thank GOD, he saved me..!! :-)
Morrison said…
ha ha that's the longest trip i ever had.. LOL :-P
Lozil said…
@SBW: Tera Number Ayega... Tera Shine Ek din Road Trip Jayega... :)

@Morri: ROFL.... :P Are you still scolding me for asking that Casual Question.... :P "Shivamogga Yetai Gi...?? " :D
Ranjan R said…
//With your ass paining like hell// lolz.. :)
Good try mate..
All d best for next ride...
Lozil said…
@Ranjan R
Next is Bangalore.... :)
Might be in OCT/NOV... :)

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