Dock Switcher for Leopard

After my friend Rajiv wrote a Apple Script to Switch the Safari into Spy Mode, I also went through some of my useless scrips... :P and found this... :)

This script can switch the Leopard OS/ Snow Leopard OS Dock from 3D mode to 2D mode like the one in Tiger OS. (Tested on Leopard as well as Snow Leopard)

Hope you people like it... :)

Download it from here
Dock Switcher


Shilpa Rai said…
Nice tool, but it doesn't switch the dock to leopard style when it is in tiger style :(
Lozil said…
Just try Clicking on the 3D Dock to get back to Leopard style.... :)
david said…
nice and cool stuf!!
thx there :)

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