Positives and Negatives of Linux

Here are a few Positives and Negatives of Linux as seen by me....

1. It's Free and open source so no piracy.
2. Installation is easy, You just need to have some patience to read the instructions.
3. There are NO Viruses, so there is NO need to install Antivirus so NO TENSION (At least when plugging my friends Pen Drive).
4. You can do almost anything with Linux which Windows can do.
5. Almost all drivers come in the Installation CD, So no need to find the MB Drivers CD.. ;)
6. You can find almost all the equivalent windows software free of cost for Linux.
7. Open Office is also Included in the CD.

1. The GUI is not completely matured, You have a Kind of unfinished look for GUI in some places.
2. You get all free software, But installing them can be a bit of pain.
3. There are Almost NO BIG Game titles for Linux... :(
4. You at least need to be a small time geek to be able to use Terminal.
5. Some settings can confuse you if you just migrated from Windows.
6. Some of the devices will never work with Linux as manufacturer does not provide driver support for Linux... :(
7. Many of the Applications for Linux are yet to mature... :(

*I Am a Windows XP + Linux+OS X User at Home and a OS X user at Office, The above points tell what I felt about Linux OS... :)


Krishnan said…
I don't agree with point 1 in negatives. See KDE/Gnome desktops. There are plethora of options available.What you like that you use :-)
Lozil said…
Well, That was a post almost 2 years Old....!! Now the UI is much more refined and in par with the latest OS X and Windows 7 and better than windows 7 in some areas... :)
The only complaint I have heard from win to linux convertees is the boot up user id and password hassle and the need to enter the password again when installing updates or new games etc.

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