Login Screen Changer For Leopard

After a Day which was fully boring I felt like doing some Apple scripting. Then with help of a friend for some part i was finally able to complete a Simple but May be Useful Script.

OS: MAC OS 10.5.7 Verified
This Script is Called: Leopard Login Screen Changer.
What It Does: Changes The Boring Galaxy Screen off from your Login Screen in OS X Leopard to the one you love.
Is This Script Really Useful: Naa, Just some Eye Candy.
Any Damage To My System: Nothing serious, After Running the Script for the first time Backup and Keep that DefaultDesktop.jpg file which gets created in your Desktop.(As Later runs will Replace that File with the one you selected previously.)
Any Further Improvements: Possible, But time frame cannot be set.
Which Image I can Set:
Only .jpg files
Where can I Get It:
Get It From Link Below

Download Here

If You Like it or Unlike it, Leave a Comment..... :)


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