The year 2010 started with a Lunar Eclipse... A beautiful partial eclipse... I was awake in the night watching the Blue moon... Awesome...
So after the beautiful Lunar Eclipse here comes a Solar Eclipse. Today's eclipse was Longest Solar Eclipse in this Millennium lasting a staggering 11 min 08 s. Next eclipse to beat this time is slated for December 23, 3043.

Preparations: Went to get the Eclipse watching Solar glasses, But they are no where to be found in Udupi, So ended up buying the Welding Glass from a hardware shop as didn't wanted to miss the the view of the eclipse (The best ones are Numbered 14 and are safe to watch a eclipse).
Udupi is not in the strip of the eclipse, so was able to watch almost 80% of the Sun covered by the sun.

Awesome.....!!! Have no other words and Pictures describing the eclipse.

So people who missed today's eclipse I feel sorry for you, Now you have to wait for 9 years to see another Solar eclipse in South India. Not even a partial eclipse for South India for 9 years. The next Solar eclipse is a big one the Annular Solar eclipse Which is passing through south India is dated for 19-Dec-2019. Well that is 9 years from now. But that one will be a more spectacular than this one with the center closely passing though Udupi.

More details about Solar eclipses here:

Who all Missed the Solar eclipse, Watch out a partial Lunar Eclipse is headed our way on 2010 Jun 26. Hope that there are no clouds and you can stay awake at moon rise... :)

More details about Lunar Eclipse:


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