Story of Nokia 1100...

Yes this is the story about me and the Nokia 1100, a handset which has sold over 200 million pieces worldwide. This must be the most popular phone(Or the most sold phone) Nokia ever manufactured....!!

I used the Nokia 1100 initially when I joined college. Later I started using Nokia 9300 for the later 2 years of College, But later I had to stop using the 9300 when I joined work, Due to the so called security and rules in the company. So what to do? Get back to Old 1100.
At first, the shift was very frustrating. Limited message memory, Limited contacts in the Nokia 1100. I remember how addicted I was with my 9300 in which the limits never existed. Initially I swapped SIM from 1100 to 9300 daily. Later year or so I was doing the swap only during weekends, Now a Days I don't bother.. Why?? The Battery Life...
The 9300 required almost a daily charge. My 1100 with old battery required charge one in 3 to 4 days. Then when the Battery life fell down to 2 days I decided to change the battery. And voila, Now I charge the battery once In a Week...!! Yes That is Once in 7 Days...!! Sometimes it goes down in 5 days when I use it a bit excessively, But under Normal usage conditions the battery lasts more than required. One more advantage is that, Throw the 1100 anywhere carelessly and I am sure nothing will happen to it(unless you pass a truck on it).

Mobiles may have got a lot of features in recent years, but at the end of the day a Cell phone is a device which can make calls, receive calls and some messaging. The Nokia 1100 does effortlessly and never tells you charge too... So why bother with other sets..... :)

Now your turn, Which Cellphone and how often you charge your Phone battery..??
Awaiting Comments... :)


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