And You Thought Bangalore Elevated Expressway saves time…!

The Most awesome Stretch of road in Bangalore…!! 9 Km of Signal free riding at 80 Km/h, Silk board to the Electronic city in 8 min...!! Now that should definitely save time and Fuel Right?

No…! Especially if you are traveling by 2 Wheeler…!

You will end up all the time saved  by riding while waiting to pay the toll. Also all the fuel you saved will go down the drain while you move in the toll line idling your engine and move at snails pace in 1st gear. [This happens during the peak hours i.e 9 AM to 10.30 AM and 5PM to 8 PM]

This is same story everyday for the two wheelers at peak hours. A single tollbooth for the two wheelers and hundreds of two wheelers waiting in queue for paying toll. If you ride at 80 Km/h then expressway can be covered in 8 min, but to pay toll you need to wait for 10 min…! Now that's insane and meaningless…!

Day pass is 20 Rs and Single way pass is 15 Rs for two wheelers. Why you pay that amount of money for a ride? Because, you are tired of Bommanhalli Signal, Hosa road junction signal…! You are tired of those Dumb Private bus drivers who stop at the signals when it's green for a indefinite time blocking traffic behind them [Yeah the TN registration Rolls Royce buses]. Or the BMTC driver who will all of a sudden come to the right fast lane at 30 Km/h.

So, I wrote 2 mails to the e-mail id mentioned on the hoardings explaining the troubles, No reply till now...

Why cant they come up with something which can distributed quickly..?? And actually make the expressway useful to everyone..!


I got a room in E-City itself.. saves the trouble of commuting... even the rent is pretty less...
Anonymous said…
Why don't you think/plan a proper solution to the problem along with your concerns and complaints....if you don't have one in mind...find time and work it out on your own in the similar way you did to raise your concerns!
Anonymous said…
You can first think of how you can contribute towards the growth and then criticise for what is not being done properly....

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