Chevrolet Beat Diesel Mileage.

After the Car purchase everyone asks the same question these days "Kitna Deti Hai", So this post tries to address the Question. :)

Here are the mileage figures which I am getting from the Chevrolet Beat Diesel.

All the readings are actual and calculated on a Full Tank to Full tank basis. If there is any error then it's marginal caused by round up to next 100 Rs while filling up.

So my best Figures till date are 22.5 kmpl Total Highway drive with ~40% AC on.

Worst ones are Inside City 15kmpl with 100% AC on. Most of the time taking 2 hours for a 20km drive.

Below sheet tells you the mileage I am getting for each fuel up.

The data will be updated regularly... For more details/doubts, Please leave a comment.


naga N said…
First of all thanks for post figure.

I also brought BEAT diesel LT on March2012. My figures are also almost near to your car mileage.

I'm getting AVG of 21.5 KM/Lin Highway and 19.1 in city (with 11000KM of Odometer and mostly on A/C).

I'm looking how company quote the 25.44 KM/L. I never saw my car giving more than 22.

I'm planning to give for 10K service, any suggestion you can give to me to increase the high way performance of my car?

Harsh Ma said…
Hi, Company / Any Automobile company claims mileage on Showroom conditions, i.e they raise the vehicle high, / say they just use the engine and feed with 1L fuel and see how long can it drive, but when we drive we are on road with vehicle weight on tires :) so itZ obvious that we cant meet the company claimed mileage :)
jake tyler said…
Chevrolet Beat is one of the most stylish and compact car of entry level segment and it has become an alternative of Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto.

Chevrolet Beat Charming Inside Out; Not So Impressive Under the Hood
Anonymous said…
getting average above company said
just get ECM code update
Vivek Khanna said…
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Vivek Khanna said…
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