Manjarabad Fort

One fine day I was browsing through the Google Maps near Sakleshpura and I see this...!! And I was like, What on earth is that....!!! I need to go there and see it once.

Well that was almost 4 years ago.

Every time I traveled via Sakleshpura I would remember, There is a Star shaped Fort...!! Manjarabad Fort. Finally was able to visit the fort last month.

[Yeah...!! You have to Climb Stairs...!!] 

 [The Manjarabad Fort Entrance]

[Gate inside] 

[Some well in the center]

[A Panorama from one of the edges, Click for a a bit better resolution]

I don't have any historical data about the Manjarabad Fort, Only know that during some point of time it came under Tipu Sultan.


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