Provident Fund: Checking Balance - Part 2

This is continuation from my previous Post Provident Fund Explained - Part 1 So if you have missed it, Please read through it.

Now let us come to the question, How to check my PF Balance?

Follow the below steps and it should be pretty easy.

1. Click on the Link
2. Now you should be able to see a link which read Know Your EPF Balance.
3. Click on the link, Which takes you to a page explaining lot of things.
4. Scroll down, See the Link CLICK HERE to know the Balance Yeah, that small thing you need to click.
5. Next- Select your State.
6. Click on the PF office your Company's comes under.
7. Now find your PF Number, Usually in Payslip in format
XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX - Values (XXX) might not be present in your PF number.
8. The first 2 fields will be filled with your State code and PF office code automatically XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX
9. Now enter the 3rd field with the establishment code XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX
10.  4th field can be left blank if you don't have extension code XX/XXX/XXXX/(XXX)/XXX
11. Enter your PF number XX/XXX/XXXX/(XXX)/XXX
12. Enter your name as in Payslip and mobile number.
13. Check the "I Agree" box and Submit.

You must get your PF Balance in 5-30 mins on your cellphone as message.

Reading the Message:
The message will contain 2 things. EE amount and ER amount, Now if you read my earlier post then you should be able to make out why that ER is less.
*Your balance might seem low, The date will tell you till what date the data is updated, So don't panic.

Searching for Company Code: 
Click the above link and search for your company name in last field, you should get all the details about your company. 

So you know your PF Balance now, What next? I will try to explain the Damn complicated Pension Scheme document. Even I get nightmares when I see that 58 page Monster Confusing Document.


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