Shiradi Ghats Condition: Trailer...!!!

So every year during Monsoon you hear the cry, Shiradi Ghat roads are not good. Shiradi Ghat has gone bad etc etc. No one ever gets a chance to see how bad the roads actually are, mostly because the buses you travel in take that route during night. Only thing you know about Shiradi Ghats is when entire bus shakes, makes noises and you are thrown all around.

I and Kevin took this route on 7-Dec-2013. Look at the Pictures you will come to know about Condition.

We started off Bangalore at 5:00AM Reached Sakleshpura at 8:00AM Yes, that is 230 KMs in 3 Hours.

Spent 30 Min to fill up the ourselves and Cars fuel Tank, Air.

Here is the real Picture of the Ghat Section, Thank that Bus driver who saved your life last time you traveled on this road.

Let the Ghats Begin: Trailer
8:49am : Welcome To Shiradi Ghats

More Potholes
This was some big Dig, Someone tried to find some treasure here

And More
Yeah yeah

Shiradi Ghats
Shiradi Ghats

National Highway to Mangalore
Road? What Road?

9:05 AM Trucks and rubble
Trying to overtake

Welcome to the Shiradi Ghats
More Potholes

Shiradi Ghats
National Highway??

I am Going to kill you...!!
Drive on what is left...!!

He somehow managed to overtake
This is why we vote...!!

A Signboard...!!
9:13 AM : It Just says Turns, No mention of Potholes on the Road.

That Was a Trailer...!!! Catch More Images in Next Post....!!

Credits: Kevin for Clicking Pictures, Myself for Staying Calm and Driving, Car for saving us from Dust and Not breaking down.


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