Trick the torrent... :D

Previously i wrote about using Image Shack for torrent downloads here.
Here is one trick which i usually play after my months download Bandwidth gets over (it gets over in a week for me).
Now there is no HTTP bandwidth to download, but you can still download torrents to the ImageShack server. Got something...?? :)
OK imagine a scenario where there are just 3 seeds for a torrent and they are seeding slowly, plus there are some 15 leechers for the torrent all of them have a very less % of content, the torrent is almost dead, so here is the trick, Start the torrent in your machine, wait for some % completion. Now go to Imageshack and add that same torrent to download at image shack server. As you see in your torrent client ImageShack determines itself as "" and users "Transmission 1.10" client. Let it leech from you.
In next few minutes you observe that Your dead torrent is alive again. You are getting Nice Download speeds, imageshack is contributing and all of a sudden all those leechers are giving the high download speeds and they also have a higher %.
How this works is simple, Imageshack downloads from all as you do, but it seeds faster than what you. so the leechers get download speeds(including you) they move up on percentage and seed more.
So enjoy the Torrent Downloads.... :)


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