Linux is Fun....

First, Thanks to the Linux Community for a warm welcome to Linux. Ya, My Mission Linux Post just got some awesome response from the Linux Users and Gurus.... :)

Ya, Mission Linux looks like it is a Success.... I did not receive any complaints after one Week of usage at Home, That is just a good sign for me and I am Happy.(Psst... No virus tension... :) )

Now why on earth Linux is FUN when everyone says it's so Complicated....??

Linux is Fun because Linux is complicated..... :) Everything is a challenge in Linux, challenges make you learn many things.
So what is the first challenge i faced in Linux??
Installing applications...........

Some applications come with the suitable bundle for my Linux(Opera for Example), it's just easy to install. But some require some console work, that is just a little fun for me. Searching the web for resources, failing multiple times and finally getting success is just too sweet. I like challenges as they help me learn quickly, that just makes me more interested with Linux. So i am just looking forward for many more Challenges and leaning experience from Linux...

Yes this Blog post comes from Linux-Mozilla Firefox... Now a days i am loving Penguin computing.... :)


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